" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Monday, 17 February 2014


Back in school, when I sat among groups chit chatting, discussing and pondering over the changing times, dissecting the many facets of human behaviour and science behind them (me being an engineer, logic pokes in everywhere), winning had many connotations, to each his own. 

While for some, it were getting the top marks, top degrees and dreams of building palatial homes (much like the Chatur Ramalingam of 3 Idiots!), for others, which included me, it was a parallel world of hidden dreams. Dreams, best known to us! Everybody had aspirations and different struggles. To some wooing popular girls or having trophy girlfriends was a win (in the race for fame), to others, flashing latest gadgets in the mart was a win ( in the race for being a gizmo freak). Some had targets, of getting into white collared jobs or reaching the pinnacle of top IT companies, few had dreams of becoming famous by getting into some reality shows! I, on the other hand, somewhat offbeat, a little or may be too off track, had absolutely and completely complementary notions for this term! 

Winning to me was not about marks, top ranks or cash prizes. It was always associated with that ‘high’ which i felt after accomplishing the goal I had set. That one smile or rather the glee I flashed after scoring a point over my friends when it came to arguments on life and love; that hug which I won after doing something really needful for a friend; those drops of sweat that I had running through my temple after having reached the place I set as a deal (while jogging); all this was winning, all this is winning! The moment of triumph to me!

If I complete a book in a day and I read it really well, I win. If I jog a round track of 8 km successfully in one go, I win. If I complete 50% of the course chapters with complete understanding before the university exam, I win. If I am able to clarify my students’ queries satisfactorily and prevent from learning some wrong concept, I win. If I can pay my own bus fare, with my very own hard earned money, I win. If I can help a blind man cross a road and not walk past him, I win. If I decide to lose weight but can’t, yet I smile and look forward to another day’s plan and not crib over it, I win. If I get over the sickening news of rapes and murders flashed everyday on television and yet allow my young ones to face the world confidently and not be scared, I win. If I can earn my family’s respect and trust with my deeds, I win. If I can have a cup of tea peacefully every morning, even in solitude, I win. I win over the hectic lives, the pace of erratic human existence! If I can make people see reason in loving and marrying a guy of my choice, I win. If I can walk with my partner through the life’s many phases, I win. If I can rear my child to grow to respect women and not think of them as an object ever, I win. If I can build a home for my parents, however small it may be, I win. If I can do 10 % of what my parents have done for me, for them, I win. Winning has nothing to do with being the richest man on the face of earth. 

Winning has nothing to do with topping universitiesor reaching the moon. Winning is building a lovable family, brooding love andemotions, knowledge and conscience, thoughts and wisdom; in times of turbulenceand peace; in times of exultation and melancholy; in times of distress and excitement!Winning is never flashy, never whining, never degrading; winning is a personal winwin innings!