" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Sunday, 1 August 2010

As the wind swept past
on the lane i stood aghast;
time was moving fast
I was completing my odyssey last;

But memory didn't fade
of the day underneath the arcade.
why? why did it happen?
why was my life made so sadden?

It was my fault I know
and time didn't allow me grow.
A dark past of my life,
Ever since, I've been battling this strife...

Well! i wrote this little piece of poetry long time back. i still remember it was my chemistry unit test, class 11th. i had completed my  paper and sir wasn't letting pupils leave the exam hall yet. that was when i wrote this little quartet... i was in pain then and i think it does come across... school life is one of the best phases of our lives. in fact, my best-est! i will never forget those carefree days, full of happiness and joy. and at that time a slight trigger was enough to put me in morose state, especially when it concerned my friends. after all we were still small! it was at one such point of time when this came through....a little thing as silly as not being the first one to start reading a english lesson in class would irk me! would you even believe that? huh! and a little thing such as sharing a tiffin would bring oodles of brightness on my face! hehe...lovely days those were.... 


  1. Nice work...albeit short....Looks like your paper did finish more or less in time :P

    However, the title says a leisure walk. The words are pertaining to dilemma, pain etc....why so?

  2. well...."a leisure walk" is a subtitle to my blog.....this little piece of poetry has no title...none of my poems have a title....

  3. oh yeah....didnt realize that :)

  4. yes i did javed....hope u liked it!

  5. Hey....u have described dat u were in pain.....Hmmmmm??????

  6. hey nice poem yar.....

  7. hi vandana,
    wonderful work by you. you have a flair for writing and a philosophical bent of mind. you must write.

  8. thank you sir...if not for you, i may not have realized this passion of mine!

  9. small piece, yet powerful! very nice

  10. thank you irfan,if i may call u so....:-)