" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Friday, 15 March 2013

a fanciful funky read! :p

unknown faces all around
all smile, though strangers surround
life is not so ugly and ill
people are good in bounty still

hypocrisy mightily prevails
but journeys set sails
do we stop at hurdles?
never, instead we gather in bundles.

fight, face, be valiant
and move ahead you gallant
don't stop, don't hide
walk high with pride.

no life is ever serene
no plains are always green
efforts make lives lively
smile fills the hues in blue.

so go on my friend
sit up, start a trend
be happy be brave
put cowardice to grave.

touch, feel, believe
give love, share life
that will make you a true human
the one He sent on earth...

friends, this innocent but sweet little poem was an outcome of my childhood cravings....some curioisty, some melancholic times, some dying hopes, some happy prose :p... a mix of all... i wrote this in some exam hall... don't remember which... may be writing this was just a way of passing time..but my eternal optimism still flows strong :) :D a funky read i must title this :p

manzil kuch dur h...

manzil kuch dhundli h
chhaanv si dhaki, andhere me dubki
bhanak toh deti h par dikhti nahin

roshni se vanchit, kone me kahin
awaaz toh deti h par sunti nahin
ithlati toh h par hansti nahin

dhuyein me gum, pukarti toh h
par mai khoj pati nahin

kabhi idhar, kabhi udhar
bhatkati si mujhe
meri manzil kyun gumrah krti mujhe

iss taraf jaun toh lage kuch chhut sa raha
uss taraf jaun toh lage sab pichhe reh gaya

machalti si tamannayein
ye bhi chahein wo bhi chahein

doobna bhi chahein, udna bhi chahein
rona bhi chahein, khilkhilana bhi chahein
ghumna bhi chahein kahin, gum hona bhi chahein
manzil hi na jane aur pana bhi chahein

manzil shayd kuch dur h
kuch waqt majbur kuch hum majbur h
wo waqt humara bhi ayega
jab kismat ka pitara khul jayega
jo chaha wo humein mil jayega
jab manzil paas, aur sab saaf nazar aa jayega....

transforming months :)

many months have gone by, days gone by,minutes flew by and seconds dissolved..since i last wrote something ob blogger. though i never had avid followers on blogger but my absence did pinch a few and they reminded me about my blog and coaxed me to resume writing. i love those few who long for more of my posts :) people always seek inspirations for their work, be it writing, painting, singing, designing, traveling or any other thing, any form of art. muse plays the biggest role in creation. may be i was devoid of same. last few months have transformed my life drastically. a 180 degrees turn,that is how we say, right? that has exactly been my case! life's turned for good. i have become more merrier, funnier  talkative, happier, content. what else can i ask for? life's great. with my own set of people, i am nibbling into my happiness every now and then, thanking Him for the same and pestering Him for some more of it :p i have found love, i have found bliss. you see, children have major issues while growing up. i too had my share. major conflicts in my childhood seem so petty and uncalled for now. :) now i can see reason behind many things, behind many words that used to come from my parents. but my home is yet to be cured form whimsical demands and pouting spasm of a child. thanks to my little brother. gagan as we all fondly call him( baadal for his fiends and apoorv for his teachers) ; no more pseudonyms i guess :/ his teenage years are a lot more clumsy.with all his violence and aggression, comes his own set of eerie demands,weird habits  weird ways of celebrating/going out with friends.my god! i already feel like an old-generation lady! :p but things apart, i have become much more observant lately. and that has helped me in penning. so, for the days to come, i am stocked up with things to write, things to post and hopefully things to call accolades for, too. :)

happy read guys! 

some posts follow hereof.