" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


it took eternity,
for the melancholy,
the hurt of my broken heart
to melt away...

it took eternity,
for the dusky clouds of my teary eyes,
shrouding my lovely cheeks
to blow away...

darkness haunted me for long
fear gripped me tight furlong.

it seemed as if ages had passed
since i had lost the touch of wisdom
since i had lost my beatific smile;
all now, gone for long,
repelled by my barren being and dreamless eyes
repelled by my splintered journey and brazen sighs...

i wanted everything back.
i wanted to become alive again
to be bound in bountiful terrain
laugh like nonsense
chatter like an innocent;
to dance as i earlier did
to sing as i earlier did;
show all whites for no reason
and be drenched in happiness a dozen!

AND then i found you.
you gave me what i was longing for;
the depth of your arms
your love and your warmth
your passion, your care
your support, your share
your spirit, your enthusiasm
your zest, your life!

you reignited my heart and its beats
you helped me breathe again
you took away all my pain.

you blew away the terrible cloak;
the cloak of horrid dreams and tearful nights
the cloak of morbid eves and rusted sights.

you gave me back
my smile, my laughter
my delight, my appetite
my nonchalance, my beats
my desire, my treats
my advances, my retreats
my feelings, my being.

you took away all strife
and gifted me back my LIFE....

Sunday, 16 September 2012


long long time no posts!
soon to come with loads of helluva posts! hopefully though coz only reviews could tell that and the opposite :p

for a few who are interested; life's swell , no complaints.:)

take care frns!
BRB :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Quartet ends here....

all memories are hitting hard these days.... nostalgic time strikes back.....4 years ago, i was this similar nostalgia ...when i was leaving school, friends, teachers, the lovely campus....and now again i'm leaving my friends, teachers, campus but this time around it's my college. first year was traumatic. seriously! no friends, no fun..... it took time to settle down in the new life. making new friends, breathing new atmosphere.... it was around mid 2nd year when i found my league! my friends! a bunch of the most hilarious mad and absolutely nonchalant freaks whom i now very promisingly and with whole my heart call my dearest friends! :)) without you all i was just breathing in KIRC. with you i started living, enjoying. i know whatever i'm writing is regular stuff. purely in sync with what thousand of my counterparts are feeling. but that's what we are supposed to feel when this beautiful journey comes to an end. right? n why supposed...we supposedly feel just this..... no bad memories haunt you, no jitters bug you. it's only a little transient time.....when we need some readjustment. some rescheduling. a new life dares to start now.... there's so much to write and share but this moment is one fo those moments when you find words hitting hard to you. this is a universal moment for all university students meta-morphing their universe these days.... :P
bade ho gaye yar.....kab kaise..pata hi nai chala...... a whole new world, a different one awaits us now...... let's dare to dream...dare to fly........ "hi-five" buddies! :))

this is one of those classic pics when we all were just waving hands and singing...."college days"......though few of my friends aren't here in this pic...but nevermind...i knwo i love you all yaro! <3 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Where have those days gone!
when i used to write for long
with a pen and a note
i used to clock hours along!

My pen used to move swiftly
and words flowed through it quickly
people used to wonder at this 
"oh! what a beautiful literary piece!"

I expressed through my words
writing came to me as flying, to birds
my emotions crawled through my prose 
without it, everything now seems morose.

Why i stopped writing?
was it coz i was fighting?
conquering my own morbid emotions?
i now long to turn back to my devotion.

Hopes will sail along once again
penning will shoe away all misery, all pain
this nip will take to running once again
and i;ll rediscover my identity plain...........

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

band kamre me tanhaai si palti hai
ojhal hoti roshni, jharokhoen se dikhti hai
jee to chahta hai k mai bhi udu
par bandhan kuch yun bane hain
k na jeete banta hai, na marte banta hai...

yahan kabhi kabhi dum sa ghut-ta hai
duniya se kata-kata sa lagta hai
par kismat toh dekho humari
na taala todte banta hai
aur na darwaza hi taakte banta hai...

na koi himmat dene wala hai
na koi pyar se samjhane wala
yahan hum apni hi kala bhul gaye
qalam aur kagaz se rishta tod baithe
ab na likhte banta hai, na padhte banta hai...

tishnagi hai, aazaad hone ki
kuch waqt khud ko khud se hi paal pane ki
par ye zaalim waqt bhi tadpata hai
na bandishein todta hai
na hi jaan le leta hai...

ek baar mauka toh mile
kuch thodi khushiyan batorne mile
phir is kamsin dil ki shikayatein bhi dur hongi
taaki phir humse
haste bhi bane aur khilkhilate bhi bane...