" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Love for Chhole!

every time my mom cooks chhole, i am delighted! god knows what is this with me and chhole! some kind of divine connection! as if we are made for each other! me for chhole and chhole for me! my friends don't fail to get amused every time we go to some restaurant or hotel and i desperately search the menu for Indian! chhole bhature or may be chhole puri! he he... they keep wondering what is with vandana, going all ga-ga about chhole.... but what to do. can't help it! chhole are something that gratify my taste buds to the extreme! maa k hath k chhole is something i crave for almost all the time...one chhole and secondly gulab jamuns! one amazing fact that is, is that i applaud my mom's culinary skills most when she has made chhole at home! hehe..call it flattering or anything else but yes, i do feel a divine connect with chhole! have you seen that advertisement of a man( ranvir shorey ) going mad for mangoes....maaza- aam ki pyaas.....feels like i have the same kind of love for chhole! spicy and mouth watering chhole....i must say chhole seems to the love fo my life, besides gulab jamuns of course! you guys remember the ad wherein a little boy(sardarji of kuch kuch hota hai) leaves his home, only to be back home when baited with jalebis...i must confess, one can do that to me too; provided jalebis are replaced with my mo's chhole! .......oh, how i love them! ..........oh! gotta go...my mo's cooking chhole.......toodles! happy food guys!


Nine months of endless wait,
   while now in a complete trance state
   he couldn't believe it has happened!
Taking his ecstasy to a new level,
   his eyes now seem bedazzled.

As his wife lay in peace inside
   a cradle too, shifted beside.
Small chuckling sounds fill the room
   and joy grows manifolds zoom.

He steps in and stares
   tears flowing down as he prepares,
   to hold his bundle of joy in arms
   and see its innocent lovely charms.

He uplifts the tiny girl in arms n LO!
His lips crackled and a grin they blow!
"Thanks immensely!"; he utters to his wife;
   "for giving our love such a beautiful life!"

The mother wipes her tears too
   as crowd in the room steadily grew.
All want a peep at the child
   and at her cute little gestures mild.

She has just stepped in this world
   yet sorrows, she has already nulled.
"She's beautiful, her smile even more so!"
Someone utters as the extended family readies to go...

hey friends!i know it's long time since i have posted something new and exciting but what to do! time crisis! 
you see, exams are approaching. this 18th would see me catapulted into a studious student, who's head banged into the book! ab pura sem kuchh padha nai toh this last minute jitters are surely gonna be there! hehe
anyways, i'll be back on 1st of nov, 10' now...till then, i leave you all with a few compositions of mine, materialized long back! hope they leave an imprint on your mind......
auf weidersehen!


Life is so very exciting
life is so very boring
life's lovely, life's hep!
various facets of life...
Life's lonely, life sucks!
Life's great! Life's sensible!
Life's outrageous, life's a waste!
Various people...various moods...
Various happening...various hues...
Life bogs you down. life dodges you.
Life's rude n life's screwed.
that's life for me, for you, for us.
United we stand, divided we fall,
together we we'll unshroud every pall...
Every pall of unhappiness
every cloak of dampness.
Mood swings we'll bear
and...Mood swings we'll steer.
Life's a test,
it gives us no time to rest.
But together we'll pass every test,
together we'll win every toss.
We'll be happy, we'll be sad
we'll cheer another and we'll be glad.
Life will seem meaningful then,
in our own beautiful living den
me, you and the special someone
who's yet to arrive...
From her...
Love and warmth we'll imbibe...
And of course, 
those wonderful people too; 
who've made our lives beautiful
will keep on inspiring our smiles
and our lives will be steered for ...
...for those unending miles.....
Perhaps then, we'll only think
with an eye's blink;
Life's colorful, life's wonderful,
life's cheerful, life's never dull;
life's adorable, life’s memorable,
life's beautiful, it's momentous,
and...Life’s is always always meaningful...!!!

No language is pure language

oye! book layi hai?
hey i like his bohemian style!
arre! wohi toh keh raha hun, tujhe aise alfaz use nai karne chahiye the!

watcha! as the title goes....it was this one sentence that put me thinking....and as i sat n contemplated, i found that yes! no language is pure language...if it's English, we use French n Spanish or German phrases in it. 'nouveau', 'carte Blanche', 'de novo', 'sayonara', 'auf weiedersehen'....all these words are quite a part of one's speech! where is english! this is english remixed! similar with Hindi, Gujarati or any other language! all are remixed versions of languages! hindi n urdu come in combo. how many times have you heard anyone say-"kya mai shauchalaya ka istemal kar sakta hun?" and my dear friends, as a matter of fact, 'istemaal'
 is again an Urdu word! see, i can't think of a plain simple, straight sentence! hadd ho gai! as we know Sanskrit is known to be the mother of all languages as it is the one from which all other languages have taken birth n their form, i would say that besides that, we won't find any language just purely of its own character. maths, English, Hindi all have arisen from Sanskrit. perhaps that certifies Sanskrit as the purest language. but then how many of us can speak n understand it? not many, in fact, not most! we see, we have adapted ourselves swiftly to the fast growing world which makes us dance to its tunes....but what to do? any escape route? none, i believe....and i don't even want one...imagine me saying-"namastey mitr! kya aapn kal kaksha me padhaye gaye paath k uttar likhe?"!!! hehe...i quite like the fusion that is abundant today.....and believe that most would second me.....