" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Friday, 20 August 2010

In this world so huge
   People live in a pompous deluge…
None so fair, none so true
   All bound in the same hypocritical hue…
Relations have become a favor,
   Reciprocating feelings, a chore;
But a few people always stand out!

Love they give, reverence they receive
Relations they worship, feelings they understand;
They lend a meaning to our lives……..

Sach hai. Today’s man is self-centered. Selfish and cunning, he will always think about himself. All of us keep bumping into such people. Not the one to be lucky, I too have bumped into many such beings.  Every time I feel cheated, I build a perception that this was the last time! I won’t be deceived again but alas! You keep on trusting people; some good, some bad. Every time I fail to discover the real person behind that sweet smile-flashing guy or the generous girl, I feel this would be it! But the reality of course doesn’t synch here! Anyways, life does offer you your good and bad moments. It does build your camaraderie with good and bad people. It does delight you and sometimes fright you! But it’s always on us how we deal with it. Remember, life will take you to all kind of people at all times, but the selection has to be done by you and solely you! I too have made many friends and lost many of them too! Every time I lost a friend, I used to think that now I would never be able to trust people but when I had new friends, all my apprehensions were gone! You see, sometimes we do err! After all, we are humans! But erring doesn’t mean we are a bad decision maker or a bad chooser! Life won’t always be your sycophant! Instead, it will be your critic! But criticism always helps, you see. It makes you tougher, bolder and better by the day. It will build a responsible, head-strong and an independent person out of you. A human is crushed under many situations that he’ll face in life but there are always some people who would stand by you like anything! Your pillars of strength, your anchors. They will reassure your faith in time every time you tend to fall. They could be anyone! Your parents, friends, relatives, peers or maybe those unknown faces whom you never tried to unveil…. You have to pin point those faces yourself. Nobody would help you with this; simply because nobody else can! These faces, these beings never expect anything in return save your love. I hope all of you have found those pillars and if not, will find them soon and at all turns of unfolding life…….have a happy and a joyous life! Bless you!