" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Escapades with rain and BABAJI ...

a simple get-together turned out to be great fun! yesterday me, jammy, khushbu( 24 ) n khushbu( gh-5 ); that's how we distinguish the two, referring to the circles that lie in the proximity of their homes; we all met casually to hang out together. at gh-4, an almost divine spot for friends in gandhinagar, which provides you one of the finest glances of scenic superiority of this city. all was going well untill it struck me that i had to rush for my java classes. it was my first day at the class and being late the very first day doesn't tag you as sincere. does it? anyways, so i left my friends to enjoy the weather as i hopped into an auto rickshaw. but as soon as i got into it, i gathered i did a mistake! this rickshaw wallah was eerie! kinda wacky! i told him to take me to gh-2. he said he would take me to pathika, not beyond that. since i was getting late, so i said, "all right, take me to pathika". then as the auto gathered pace, he started irritating me with silly things like,"madam, baarish aayegi. mausam dekho kaisa hai. apko problem hogi ghar tak pahunchne me..." etc, etc....and lo! tabhi baarish shuru! as we reached pathika, he said," gh-2 hi chhod deta hun madam, apke paise bach jayenge. nai toh aap bekar me do rickshaw karoge...madam ek kaam karta hun, seedhe ghar hi chhod deta hun na...ghar kahan hai apka?" hell! ek toh baarish, i had nothing to protect myself from getting drenched! and uspe se ye ajeeb insaan! jaise taise i reached gh-2 par wahan pahunchke he again started his raag...i said,"stop!"...though he said he would charge nothing for transporting me, i just slipped a note of 10 into his hand n rushed to my class... all you guys out there who are thinking abt the fare, just don't gandhinagar is a small place.....5 rupees and you can go anywhere, from any sector to any other sector.....anyways, somehow i managed to reach on time. but another blow! neither mam, nor other students could make it to the instt. heck! i was stranded in my class that wasn't running! my friends were enjoying, minus me! a frenzy of calls between me n jammy n finally i decided to join them at helipad. to hell with getting wet again, i already was! thanks to the showers. another ride in an auto, though a sane one this time, and i joined my friends at helipad where they were all clicking pics. as soon as i joined them, a babaji came along and started a conversation....basically a lecture...on karma and dharma......first, he cautioned us to keep polythene with us for saving our mobiles from getting damaged. i said, ji babaji, aage se rakh lenge....bas phir kya tha! ek baar jo kehna shuru kiya, he didn't stop then! coincidentally all of us were dressed in jeans then, seeing which we were given a soft lecture on naaridharm....just imagine! he said laaz- lajja is naaridharm and woh humein bhulna nahin chahiye....bade hote hi, 16/17 ya zyada se zyada 18 saal ki umr me shaadi kar leni chahiye....sukh baatna chahiye.....ma-baap kitna karenge, dhang ke kapde pehenne chahiye, salwar-kurta, bahar nahin ghumna chahiye...n blah, blah ,blah!   baba re! he was a marathon lecturer! we all ran for the scooties, kicked and drove away........for ur info, we were all at helipad to save ourselves from rain but then, thanks to babaji, we were suddenly roofless! so we decided to go to  11 and find a place to sit n talk. finally, sector 11 provided us some solace. had hot samosa, gol-gappas and tikkis...... and of course, some window shopping.....hehe....at last, we reached our home. but it was an interesting day. showers, a spooky rickshawallah, a dharma-preaching babaji and all those hot delicacies! it was fun!

Monday, 5 July 2010


I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You're so self satisfied I don't need you
Ive got to break free
God knows God knows I want to break free

that's how the lyrics of john deacon's composition go.
sometimes life bogs you down. and all you want is to breakfree! let go all the chains and fears that hold you.
at one such point  of time in my life, when i found myself no better than a caged animal, i wrote this poem. 'i want to be free....'....i wanted to free myself from the clutches of the 'real' life. life ain't always a jovial song, right? so, here this is how my poem goes....

I wish I were a bird
        I would fly away and be free
I wish I were a fish
        I would swim far and flee
I wish I were wind
        I would blow everywhere with glee
I wish I were a raindrop
        I would fall on leaves of every tree

I wish I were snow
        I would cap the mountains and regions hilly
I wish I were a flower
        I would bloom and spread fragrance like Lilly
I wish I were a clown
        I would make people laugh and act silly
I wish I were sand
        I would slip down any grasp
I wish I were music
 People all over the world would listen to me with clasp

        My feathers are cut
        Oh! I can’t fly!

        My fins are stitched
        I cannot even try!

        Everyone’s veiled
        Oh! I cannot touch them!

        There’s roof over each head
        I cannot so wet them!

Oh!     I am helpless!
            I am deprived!
            I am breathless!
            I am bereaved!

I am caged, I am tied!
I am raged, I am shied!

I sit here… alone and think;
How I wish wishes could come true!
How I wish wishes could come true!

        I wish that I were a bird
        So that I could fly…
        I wish I were a fish
        So that I could swim…

Away, away … far and farther…
I wish I could be free!