" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

No language is pure language

oye! book layi hai?
hey i like his bohemian style!
arre! wohi toh keh raha hun, tujhe aise alfaz use nai karne chahiye the!

watcha! as the title goes....it was this one sentence that put me thinking....and as i sat n contemplated, i found that yes! no language is pure language...if it's English, we use French n Spanish or German phrases in it. 'nouveau', 'carte Blanche', 'de novo', 'sayonara', 'auf weiedersehen'....all these words are quite a part of one's speech! where is english! this is english remixed! similar with Hindi, Gujarati or any other language! all are remixed versions of languages! hindi n urdu come in combo. how many times have you heard anyone say-"kya mai shauchalaya ka istemal kar sakta hun?" and my dear friends, as a matter of fact, 'istemaal'
 is again an Urdu word! see, i can't think of a plain simple, straight sentence! hadd ho gai! as we know Sanskrit is known to be the mother of all languages as it is the one from which all other languages have taken birth n their form, i would say that besides that, we won't find any language just purely of its own character. maths, English, Hindi all have arisen from Sanskrit. perhaps that certifies Sanskrit as the purest language. but then how many of us can speak n understand it? not many, in fact, not most! we see, we have adapted ourselves swiftly to the fast growing world which makes us dance to its tunes....but what to do? any escape route? none, i believe....and i don't even want one...imagine me saying-"namastey mitr! kya aapn kal kaksha me padhaye gaye paath k uttar likhe?"!!! hehe...i quite like the fusion that is abundant today.....and believe that most would second me.....

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