" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Friday, 15 March 2013

a fanciful funky read! :p

unknown faces all around
all smile, though strangers surround
life is not so ugly and ill
people are good in bounty still

hypocrisy mightily prevails
but journeys set sails
do we stop at hurdles?
never, instead we gather in bundles.

fight, face, be valiant
and move ahead you gallant
don't stop, don't hide
walk high with pride.

no life is ever serene
no plains are always green
efforts make lives lively
smile fills the hues in blue.

so go on my friend
sit up, start a trend
be happy be brave
put cowardice to grave.

touch, feel, believe
give love, share life
that will make you a true human
the one He sent on earth...

friends, this innocent but sweet little poem was an outcome of my childhood cravings....some curioisty, some melancholic times, some dying hopes, some happy prose :p... a mix of all... i wrote this in some exam hall... don't remember which... may be writing this was just a way of passing time..but my eternal optimism still flows strong :) :D a funky read i must title this :p


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  2. hypocrisy mightily prevails
    but journeys set sails
    do we stop at hurdles?
    never, instead we gather in bundles.

    My favorite lines! :) Keep Writing Vanna

  3. hahahah :p i hope you aint teasing me for the stupid sense those lines make :D