" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Martyr Never Dies…

A mix of green and brown on clothes
Shirt, pants and a cap to don with
Legs saved by boots, a belt to match with
Rifle in hands, bullets in pockets
He is a soldier.

He knows no games, no consoles
Save the game of life and death.
He knows no joys save the joy of winning,
Winning by sacrificing.
His eyes have seen blood.
His eyes have seen degrading carcasses.
He is a soldier.

A challenge to death he gives
Defying nature, he guards the frontiers.
Terror, he knows not!
Fright, he holds not!
He fights. He kills. He saves. He dies.
He is a soldier.

Memories of home keep haunting.
Son shouting, “Dad, be back soon! We’ll beat Adi’s team!”
Mother weeping,” Don’t go child. Stay home.”
Father cheering,” Go ahead. Your country needs you.”
Wife uttering a silent,” Take care.”
Perched on a sand sack,
He is silently crying.
He is a soldier.

Day and night, dusk or dawn
Braving the cool breeze and frightening storm
Fighting the hot blows of air or snowfall
Facing every weather, every pall
He keeps vigil, the surveillance always on.
He is a soldier.

A battle breaks, a war is born
Scuffle all around, all his brethren are torn.
Blood oozes out.
Wounds and sores open up.
He never gives up. He keeps saving.
He keeps on. He fights valiantly.
He is a soldier.

Stream of bullets, rounds of firing
Explosion of bombs, arms tiring
Drenched in blood of comrades
He never ceases his escapades.
Battling his country’s foes
He sacrifices his life, his soul.
He is a soldier.

A shot rings through the air
Reaches him, rips him off!
In parts he falls, down in the lap of motherland.
A tinkle of shine in eyes
A smile on lips
All faces cloud his vision
Slowly, he shuts them down. He loses his breath. He dies.
He becomes a martyr.

Back home, the puzzled son asks,
“Mom, is Daddy dead? Won’t he ever be back?”
Amidst tears, the mother smiles.
“My child, your daddy was a soldier.
He can never die.
A soldier saves his country.
He saved us, he saved you.
He saved many like us.
He is a savior.
Oh come on son! Don’t you know?
That a savior never dies.
He only saves. He’ll keep on saving.”

Amazed, the little boy utters,
“The other day you asked what I wanted to be. I got it Mom!
Dad became a martyr coz he is a savior.
And a savior never dies!
I want to be that!
Yes! I want to be a martyr too…
Coz a martyr never dies…..”