" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Why do we love people?
Why do we ever hate people?

Two questions…
Little questions, with big question marks!
With no answer, no reply in vision.
Always a faded, a foggy envision.

Heart, the root of all…
Emotions within, always having a ball.
Nevertheless, they always do appall,
Producing actions, ever surprising all.
Inside the ‘red pouch’, a conflict always on!
Love meets hate, hate meets love
Never together do they dance on…

And why will they???

Hundred eighty degrees apart they act,
And will never cross, states the fact.

Love…ever enduring, ever embracing…
Kind and beautiful, always rejoicing.
While hate destroys emotions, destroys life,
Starts in mind, a never-ceasing strife.
Feelings it mars, thoughts it tars,
No rhythm divine, no brightness, no shine!

Love makes our lives beautiful,
Hate transforms them into ruthless!
Love strives to build castles,
Hate pours onto rain, bedazzles!

Poorhatred’, hated by all!
Joyouslovewhen meted out to all.

Decision is always ours,
A cloudy emotion does hover,
Over our minds, our hearts
But decision, we need to take n dart.

Love versus hate,
A universal spate,
An unending debate,
Offers no rebate!

So let’s get back to our original state
And continue living happily,
Despite all love,
Despite all hate…!


  1. nice one .... one can actually sing it .... if one really puts in the effort .... good going .... red pouch as a metaphor is pretty good

  2. and yeah nice design .... efforts are visible .... good going :)