" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Thursday, 6 January 2011


An octave of periods at school
Followed by grilling tuitions pool
Badminton and dancing sessions in tow
Abreast with every news, wretched brow
Ceaseless sessions of books, classes and training
Gulping down the knots of ache
A timid little child wants to think
If only perfection could get some respite…..

Mugging notes, penning theses
Grasping basics, doing lab pieces
Sitting through a tandem of exams
Sweating nights marked by tension and psalms
Sitting by the window, a ‘bright’ young mind wonders
If only success could get some respite..…

Rearing children, raising a household
Doing dishes, cleaning, meals and mould
Caring for and teaching the young, the art of living
Making love to serve her husband beseeching
Connotating with a machine, a silent woman contemplates
If only my rights could get some respite..…

Tackling the office hoopla all day long
At home, doing the regulars along
Many schemes, many policies, many funds
Redeeming future and building present bunds
Burdened with responsibilities, a man yearns
If only obligations could get some respite..…

Multiplying trends, prying privacy
Blooming fashion, abundant diplomacy
Dying rituals, dying culture
Defying traditions, falsifying propulsion
Astonished by the changing times, an elderly pair of eyes feels,
If only modernization could get some respite..…

Several scams, several scandals
Heinous rapes, undying crime blunders
Honor killings, fetus dumping
Corrupt system, burgeoning terrorism
Witnessing the grim reality on television
An avid, an eager youth longs
If only my nation could get some respite…..

From the undying glances and crisp ooh-aahs
Constant murmurings fill as the air pooh-paahs
When a girl and a boy go places together
They become a sensation, no bother!
Gazing deep into the eyes of each other, both try to fathom why,
If only love and emotions could get some respite…..

Toiling in the heat and cold alike
Laying the bricks and mortar on the road
Reminiscing over his constraints and plight
Wondering what the day’s earnings fetch?
Will they suffice the needs of his family etched?
Brooding in the daylight, a laborer gasps
If only poverty could get some respite…..

Sitting in a plush office, conference ongoing
Bone china and files, the table adorning
Away from home, lovely children and wife
Filing tenders in the business beehive
A rich veteran silently ponders
If only making money could get some respite..…

Racing to reach the pinnacle of success
Every man changes, owing to worldly demands obnoxious
Innocence, honesty, patience, all virtues denounced
Sighing, where the world is now pronounced!
Digitalization and greed rampant, observing, I wonder
If only development could get some respite…..

A thousand awry emotions!
A bundle of propositions!

In today’s pacing life, humanity lost
I only dream, how at any cost!

I would express. I would care.
I would give. I would sleep.
I would smile. I would dance.
I would love. I would live.

If only living could get some respite…..
If only I could get some respite…..


  1. awesome, admirable...
    wat to say, jst njoying & got addicted to ur promenade...:-)

  2. hey thanx brother....:-)
    comments and feedback always cheer me up...

  3. you may have wondered for respite but i had it while reading ur piece....marvellous piece....i liked evry combination and in fact every bit of it..

  4. oh...thank you ji....:-)

  5. yaar......... its really very nyc.....
    mast ek dum!!!

  6. good work.... awsome... it reminds me of school days and the time spent with friends.... doing all those things that were against the rules.... nice work... chirag

  7. comrehensive!
    got awide vision yr..
    vry much lykd ur rhyme usage
    hats offfff!

  8. hey vandana..its awesum gal..!

  9. thanx dear! thanx a ton!

  10. Wow! Nice one.


  11. GET A RESPITE VANDI...but don´t stop trying and crying and loving and laughing!!!