" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I Hold Onto Still…

The world sees what I show
Smiling and happy, a cheerful pro
Deep within floats a huge sorrow
Nobody knows what I go through.

Every day, numerous times
The bell of olden memories chimes
I had suppressed them, buried them
I had forgotten them, bullied them.

But they haunt me still
Pinches of words, goes down a deep chill.

His charming face, his cute smile
Tiny freckles of mischief nubile
His sleepy eyes, a puckered nose
Dimpled chin and those snappy pose!
His love, his warmth
His deep breath down the throat
When holding me in his arms
As huge as this world spans.

The tears in your eyes
Those shrills in your voice
Will scare me forever.
As I lay here in the lap of nature
I realize how I endowed in miniature
A slow, painful death
To you and to me…

Rusting myself with smiles and cheer
I lead on life with a fake vigor
Holding onto my friends and peer
Hoping to never see you even minutely
But praying to be yours somehow, someday,completely.

Nestled in your arms comfortably
Wiping off the tears of blessing
Kissing those lips that confessed your love
Submerged in the oceanic passionate glove.

Dreams rarely materialize
I hold onto them still.
Mesmerized by the purity of love
Barbed with the security of togetherness
Showered with your core affection
I want to be yours in total perfection.

The world goes by
They tell me to move a sly
But somehow, some why
I hold onto still
I hold onto still….

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