" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Waiting amidst pace…(wrote this last year)

Everyday I wake up to the same monotonous syllables on tongue-“gawd! I’m late!” and why won’t I be? There goes a simple reasoning behind that. A natural tendency enables college students to wake up late into the night or may I say, up till wee hours in the morning doing orkutting, facebook, projects, writing diaries, doing up journals, studying, preparing notes or whatever! I am no exception. I belong to this new age ‘high-tech’ lot too.
And every morning witnesses my struggle to reach the bus-stop just on time to be able to board the bus! Phew! Once I reach college, running for classes from A to B, B to C, C to A blocks takes place…and of course running to canteen in interval or library on the second floor, running to KYPES ZONE ….or be it zooming past the college gate at the evening time for snacks, we are always running…. Once we reach home, we’re again running to markets, coaching classes for courses or doing other chores…. You see, my above description exemplifies just one thing-PACE. In this fast-paced world, one does gets appalled by the absence of one simple thing of olden times…and that’s ‘patience’. The eternal patience of waiting n seeking, longing n anticipating….
Earlier people used to travel by buses, wait for them every evening n morning in order to move from one place to another. Today people have cars or motorbikes. No one stakes the pain of waiting for a bus or an auto rickshaw. Earlier it was a mother, a sister or a daughter who used to be looking at the door contemplating why her husband, brother or father was getting late from work site….today, we have cell phones. Earlier it was a pigeon who would be a messenger; carrying letters over miles…crossing many villages…days would pass by before it would come back with a reply…now we have instant SMS or email facility, fax or pager…. Earlier we even had those annoying trunk calls that seemed to switch lines every now n then, causing enough agony to the users…..anyways….that’s how fast the time has moved! Each n every field has remarkably progressed n has adorned a completely new phiz….. The change has been very fast n faster has it been going on ever since…. Fast fast n faster!
But have you ever noticed that this pace has won over the virtue called patience? Waiting for the replies to dispatched letters, waiting for your brother to come back, waiting for the rickety tangas or buses or the rickshaws…..each of these things instilled the trait called patience in us… but in this fast paced world, no one’s patient enough to be patient! Speed has cut through the cloak of patience n rushed past it! Getting swifter n swifter is today’s demand n patience sure doesn’t find enough room here…. But sometimes…sometimes when you are sitting with your spouse drinking a coffee, watching the raindrops hugging the lawn grass….. Sometimes when you see your little baby uttering his first words or may be making his first movements…. Sometimes when fall in the arms of your friend after a bad split…. Sometimes when u fall into the lap of your mother after a busy day with guests and their kids…… patience does seep in through…. N causes its absence to be felt…..  These simple yet extremely ordinary day to day things try to convey in simple manners that waiting n patience, perseverance and calm… always leads the pack..... Even in this fast, extremely fast paced world, no matter how swift we get with our goals, our lives….. waiting has always been and will always be a virtue …waiting amidst pace………


  1. its beautiful dee....made me go thoughtful for time!! :)

  2. i did...did i? goes well with me...