" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Sunday, 5 September 2010


5 September 1888, birthday of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. what we commonly known as teachers' day. this is one day in the whole year when all of a sudden, the very essence of being a student dawns upon most of the children and the very feeling of being a student shines! not that i am mocking the larger section of our country i.e students. it's just my way of putting things honestly! the whole year round, students tease their teachers, create nuisance, think up of every possible way to distract their teachers from delivering lectures, recite notes or conducting tests save this one day known as TEACHERS' DAY. this day all the anti-teachers pupils become the teacher-fearing, teacher-worshiping, noble souls who would gift them pens as a token of reverence or make cards for them! well....be the reasons true or fake, teachers' day is always a affaire grande! given the kind of student that i am, i have always remained in the good books of all my teachers; a fact that makes me feel satisfied with myself. though i remember all my teachers the whole year long, i don't get much chance to see them. thanks to Dr. Radhakrishnan's b'day, i get this one day when no excuses could stop me from meeting my dear teachers and thanking them for making me whatever i am today! every student's life sees many many teachers who teach him one thing or the other but there always are some special faces, those faces who worked very diligently in molding us. my life is no different! my memories are no different! there have been some very special teachers who have come along the way my life was travelling. today, i would like to thank them all. n not just today, i keep thanking them every day, every time i achieve something, minor or major. thanks to all of them. my parents who have been the best teachers! they taught me how to talk, how to build, what to speak, how to be strong, n every single thing it takes me to be a human! Sachindran sir, who brought something very special in my life, something through which i relate to people- literature, the art of writing! had it not been for him, i hadn't been writing this blog today, posting articles, stories and poems. Sanyukta mam and Ranjini mam, both of whom taught me the importance of strength of vocabulary and the power of words! Vinayan mam who has been a guide throughout, especially my plus 2 days. she's has been very caring and loving ever since. Dey mam who may not have taught me ever in any of th standards but who has always been this frank and fun-loving figure whom i look up to. she's fun to be with! Chaudhary sir who taught me the value of learning teh core, the basics! he taught me how if our foundation is strong, the house would stand all the tests of time! many teachers have come and gone, few have stayed and i wish they would always stand by me.....on this auspicious day, i would just like to tell them all that i owe them a lot! i owe my 'person' to them! thank you for shaping me, for making vandana.........i love you all........HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY.......

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