" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Monday, 8 November 2010


so...as the three day visit is concluding today, both India n US are enriched with some bonding moments...whether it be the First lady of US dancing with small kids in Mumbai or Mr. President Obama doing a jig with students in Delhi, each of those moments will be fresh in millions of minds for long..... not to forget the tough pulling by students of Xavier's, Mumbai! some really nice questions were put upfront to Obama which had him nervous for a while before answering......i must confess it was fun to watch it all! that a person of such stature is pulled up by small anonymous pupils, it really gives me a high.....not that it was in the case of Obama but every time i see any such incident or dialogue, i have a funtime! and i must agree to the fact that Mrs Obama is a such a sport! dancing the koli style with kiddos...so sweet of her! i have always read in papers about how good a homemaker this lady is! she keeps a check on everything, be it her kids' online connect or their studies or Mr. Obama's plans...everything n anything! and with this comes a surge of respect and applause for the first lady of US. anyways...what i was actually speaking about was the 'Oh-Obama' phenomenon! Mr. Obama visited us,our pleasure but it turned out to be their pleasure as well! with all those snaps n pics being flashes in various news channels, what i could gather is that it was a "serious" fun trip for the Obamas... aint that great! packed with dancing, dinner eminent personalities from Bollywood, sports, music and of course cabinet, it was nothing less than a wholesome tour for the first family of US. and i appreciate the way we, india, handled it. i mean, that is what we are known for all over the world! our hospitality. ATITHI DEVO BHAVA. that is imbursed in our culture, our core set of values and ethos. i am definitely impressed by how we have tended them but at the same time i also sense the contrast between their and our culture. when our prime minister n his wife visits them or our president visits them...this is not the kind of attention and embrace they draw. but anyways....in India Mr Obama is definitely a phenomenon...one who has totally rotated the US policy making scenario! at a time when US commanded the world, they saw crowning of Mr Barrack Hussein Obama as their president and this president changed the whole picture! for a change we have a US prez who loves peace and who follows Gandhi, our beloved Bapu........we have a prez who wouldn't mind shaking a leg with kids and who wouldn't mind facing a tough session wit open minded students and who has a wife, Michelle who invites much more respect when she says that,'i urge you to ask my husband some very tough questions a give him a tough time.....'.....oh Obama!


  1. Not to forget both of their oratory skills. Remember the parliament address?

  2. yes..i do....i know this article falls short of some important points....will cover them up in the next one....