" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Friday, 10 September 2010


Terry Jones, head of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida.
many of you may have followed him on television and internet these days. yes, you guessed it right. he is the pastor behind the 'BURN KORAN DAY'.  he plans to burn copies of the holy Quaran on 9/11 in order to commemorate the death of victims whom we lost on the fateful 9/11 crash. since the last two days this has been disturbing me a lot! how can he (terry) go to such outrageous limits to gratify himself! just because he is devoid of patience and forgiveness, he would go to such disheartening and heinous extents! and besides, what compounds the levels of anger on his decision is the fact that he is being extremely insensitive towards the expected repercussions! he has clearly stated that he or his church won't be responsible for what follows the Koran burning on 9/11.... how ridiculous! he says he is motivated by his faith. now how would one put that? by whatever he intends to do, doesn't he realize that he is putting his own religion in jeopardy? being insensitive towards other religions is something which people can accept but marring the values or going against his very own religious values is something that appalls me and amazes me at the same time! after all the Ground Zero debacle(which hasn't yet been put to rest), here comes more fodder for disrupting the world peace. knowing very well what the follow ups would be, interpol has issued a global alert in response to this. Mr. Barrack Obama is specially pleading and convincing Terry to retract from his plans.... Obama says,'i hope he listens to those better angels.'  i just hope he does! how can a person who has been in conflict with his own religion live in peace with himself ever after this! what if someday somebody stands and says that he would burn thousands of copies of the holy Bible or the holy Gita just because some Christian or some Hindu were involved in some heinous crimes that lead to loss of lives! a very very in fact, a minuscule section of society, or may i say, the anti-elements of society who carry out inhuman acts of crimes lead to picturization of their whole community in bad terms! what we as humans need to understand is that what goes par all these petty ramifications of religions n countries n bounds is that one thing-'mankind'.... that's it! being a human, a simple human being, who gives us the rights to hurt the sentiments of other humans! hurting sentiments of some people sometimes is acceptable but hurting the whole community, a whole religion is not at all acceptable! i have been very very disturbed by these news doing the rounds.....perhaps the way i wrote this post would very well reflect that...... building a mosque at Ground Zero is something that i do accept- controversial. hurting the sentiments of one community for flattering the other one is not feasible but hurting n keep on hurting that one section of society that has somehow always been misinterpreted is something that is not going well with me n many others all over the world! and i do know n understand that if this 'Koran burning' happens on 9/11 it would lead to vengeance all over the world! disrupting the peace and tranquility........god bless john terry......

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