" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Nothing is permanent here;
Neither love nor hatred.
People love you few days
And the next few days they change their ways…

Their soft look, tender eyes, loving phiz
Plus all the care and concern; everything departs!
What replaces, is cold shoulder and hefty thrusts;
Cancel a friend, a foe now darts!
But all that matters is the loving memory of the old days gone…

Nothing is permanent here;
Neither success nor failure.
You build a castle of dreams.
But one wrong step and there falls your pack of cards!
Everything shatters!

But we don’t lose hopes, do we?
We don’t give up dreaming, do we?
Coz’ all that matters is
The joy of learning and the excitement of building!

Nothing is permanent here
Neither prosperity nor hunger.
Once a king, now a beggar;
Who knows how the future hovers.

Luck shines and jackpot crackles!
Sometimes, for people living in shackles!
After all HE is up above, watching…
All equal beneath HIM…

Nothing is permanent here
Neither loneliness nor crowd.
Sometimes happy and joyous, life seems full!
Sometimes dull and sad, life seems hollow!

But we appreciate loneliness too!
As without bouts of emptiness,
How does the importance of crowd infuse?

Nothing is permanent here
Neither smile nor frown.
When joyous, we smile
When angry, we frown.

But both are just reactions!
After all, they are little curves of nerves…
Smile after a frown, your love serves….

Nothing is permanent here
Neither extremism nor liberalism.
When ‘own lot’ suffers,
Extremists do get ‘extremely’ liberal!
Coz we know that love conquers all…

Nothing is permanent here
Neither height nor depth.
What seems to be the height of score,
Could actually be the depth of study!
Both are relative notions for depiction…

Nothing is permanent here
Neither youth nor old age.
Physical beauty blossoms in youth
But beauty of heart makes old age come alive!
Both youth and charm are just in mind!
Actual beauty surpasses ‘skin’!

Nothing is permanent here
Neither life nor death.
One bullet and the body lies still!
Back at home, in bricks;
His laughter n memories still instilled…

This is a transient life
In a transient world!
Where transience is cherished,
Transience reminisced,
And transience treasured!

Nothing is permanent here;
Transience transcends all…


  1. awesome poem...another mistresspiece frm vanna......bst line i could find is:-
    "After all HE is up above, watching…
    All equal beneath HIM…"

    nice composition...!!!!!

  2. Awesum poem..!!..:)..:)

  3. a " cool" urbane version of the moh maya theory

  4. wow..!!! nice words..!!!

  5. THANX A LOT TO ALL....the appreciation encourages me to go on writing...

  6. a line that really applies to knowledge seeker-
    what cud be the height of score cud be the depth of knowledge...

  7. n the curve theory....was cool n sexy..;D