" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Seven Days Without You - Book Review

"mai tera sarmaya hoon....
jo bhi main ban paya hoon....
tumse hi...
tumse hi...
tumse hi..."

As you open the book, these beautiful words, entwined with feelings of strong love and reverence for his wife, greet you; bringing a lovely smile on your face. 'His', being Mr Anmol Rana. A debut novel couldn't have found a better theme than the one which touches cord with the young, teenagers and the old alike- Love... true love.... ishq wala love....  Teenagers would love it for the brave and straight of their lives stuff; the young would love it for the sincerity and plainness of emotions, of circumstances and real situations that strike a cord; whereas the old will like it for the end, a little apparent though, yet something that leaves you intact with peace and feeling of fullness. 

Vishwas Rana is a normal, 23 year old guy, struggling with the myriad gaps in his life- the gap between his unemployment and new-found white collar job; the gap between his true friend notion and deceits by the same; the gap between his lust for love and ignored emotions and lastly his burgeoning manly devours(read desires) and values. How seven days away from a loved one teaches you what love,share,care is all about and how distance teaches you the true values of relationships and people, forms the essence of this book. I must say that Anmol has come up with a book that has a good mixture of things which a normal youth faces- love,heartbreaks, deceit, nervousness of people coming from town and small cities to big metros, the tearing frenzy which blinds them between trust and doubts! A gripping doze of fiction, Seven Days Without You will leave you smiling,relaxed and pondering over your relations and bunch of people whom you really adore. The book has some interesting and terrific OOPS moments which make you bundle up with laughter; wherein the "Two-in-One" episode finds a special mention from my side. :D 

Set up against the backdrop of Dilli (read Delhi), the book unfolds an interesting saga of events and mishaps that will have you play along with Vishwas, the protagonist, a middle class guy from Dehradun. You could feel his nervousness, his fear, his anger, his joy, his apprehensions, his troubles, his vulnerability and his emotions! 

All in all a wonderful and a refreshing book that'll sure get involved in good business and top-selling lists. 
My verdict: Worth a read...... :) I would rate it a 3.5/5 :) 

Release this May(2013)
Author: Anmol Rana

PS: Read it if you believe in true love, and if you don't,

then read it to enjoy the terrific OOPS moments! :P 


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