" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Life is Meaningful II

What is happening within?
Why is something shivering within?

A conflict, a medley of emotions
A kitche of feelings and shaking devotions.
A turmoil, a feud;  advancing and shrewd
Between love and hatred
Between fear and strength
Between sadness and rejoice
Between loneness and chorus.

My brain thinks, my heart feels.
My lungs breathe, my heart sinks.
My eyes see, my brain envisions.
My heart and mind, together take decisions.
Love versus hate, as I said earlier,
Never give rebate.
Why this happens, why these sordid emotions?
People here are born, people torn,
People loved, people snubbed,
People praised, people razed,
Is this why people exist, love , feel???
Heart feels, remember?
Sometimes it is devastated!

But why to think what’s amiss?
Why not rejoice for what is bliss?
Why stake love for hatred?

Be joyful, be strong
With every single moment dawned.
Don’t fret. Don’t frown.
Don’t lose hope, don’t be down.
Just remember,
I am here. We are here. All are here…and
Life is meaningful. Always …wherever, whenever, forever…

Life is Meaningful I


  1. very well said...though there are people who can least find anything meaningful in life...love/hate turns them blind!!! wonderful piece you'v written! keep up.

  2. thank you irfan. i really appreciate your going through my compositions...thanks....:-)

  3. hey you deserve it...you write wonderful really...allah bless you

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