" It's the same land, the same sky, but perceptions differ
it's the same road, the same turn, but journeys differ. "

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Diary of an engineering student nearing exams.....

it's again the time of the semi-year when i have to get indulged in books the most! university exams are approaching and all my time needs to be devoted to my books now. hah! that aint practical,i admit but you know! when you are at home and your parents know that you have your university exams 15 days from now, they tend to get nosy! and i am no different! hehe. although i must thank my stars coz my parents' anxiety regarding my exams has mellowed down by scales since the time i have completed my schooling. how i remember what i had to go through when i was in school,especially during the boards! huh! hours of grilling with books! and more than that grilling with the thoughts and anxiety which was of course rubbed off on me by my beloved parents(no pun intended) and the scores of visits by very respected uncles n aunties! with each knock on the door  came a swarm of suggestions,"beta, don't worry... just keep studying... answer the questions properly in exams... start from the answer you know the best... take care of handwriting.... attempt this section first.... when i was in tenth, it so happened.....when i was in twelfth,it so happened....blah blah blah!!!" hehe...in those times, i used to wonder, how intelligent all my uncles were!! blessed brains! hmmm...those were innocent and wacky times.......

now that am doing engineering and face my university exams every six months with multitudes of tests held in between( mid-sems,submissions, viva,seminars, presentations,class tests...huh!), i have somehow managed to acknowledge that finally my dad thinks i have matured up a little and don't really need constant coaxing for studying. he well knows and understands that when i sit with books, i do study and when i am in no mood for studying, no soul on earth can make me do that! and coaxing would just lead to time wastage, electricity wastage and of course,'peace of home' wastage as even if i am somehow led to my book, i won't be studying it! just flipping pages or may be day dreaming about the next get together that i have planned with friends or the next fest to be held at college....wondering what would i wear that day...or may be planning which next movie should i plan with mom or friends...et cetera...et cetera.....huh! well.....that's what today's youth is all about! rebellioun! anyways, be however 'mastikhor', i certainly am getting aware of the ticking clock and the passing days....yesterday only while i was sitting at my uncle's house and as he popped the question, "when do you have your exams beta?"...i realized that i am certainly gonna land in trouble!!! gosh, it's just 15 days from now!!! and i haven't yet started!!!! i am dead!!! as soon as i reached home, i changed and settled myself on my bed with a copy in hand and guess what the copy was for.....scheduling...!! now which student on earth has ever followed his plan??? i am no different. see, how seriously i took my study plan and all those restrictions i posed on myself, no FB, no blogging until my exams get over......that's the irony of life! you keep realizing things....but you can't bring yourself to mend your ways..especially when you are an engineer whose university exams are nearing....coz ultimately, after 5 semesters in college, you kind of get used to this! to the anxiety, to the restlessness, to the fits( of scheduling and not following) and of course to the 'callous attitude'.....! but you see, i am definitely gonna study from today onwards........bas ye post karke,i 'll be off......and yeah, of course a little twitter and FB too...and my mails...surely after that.......and wait, there goes my mom, saying something....

"sweety, aaj shaam ko pooja aunty ke yahan chalna beta, thodi der baith ke ayenge....tujhe bula rahi thin ghar bohat dino se..."
"oh yeah mom, theek hai..chalenge......vaise bhi chhuttiyan hi toh hain.......PL hai toh kya hua......"

see, how i wish i never get changed! after all, this is the fun of life!!!! 

happy days ahead friends....i'll be back after a hiatus of about 25 days.....toodles......
and wish me luck for my exams......:-)


  1. Well, all one can say is, be responsible with the freedom you've been given and enjoy as well. All of your readers are quite sure you'd rock those papers. Besties ;)

  2. thanks a ton! and yes, i do not take the freedom lightly! i know its importance and thanks for that suggestion too....tc

  3. all the engineering students are facing the came situation dear....lots of syllbs... sleepless nights and hasty decisions... differencde lies in the approach.....
    all the best..

  4. thanx chirag...all the best to you too....

  5. Hehe...so true! Aptly titled.

    You write from the heart :-) What college are you in? Im also pursuing Engineering in Computer Science from Manipal University. Am in my 2nd year.


  6. hey shreyans,thanx....
    i study in gujarat n am doing my electronics n communication engneering,third year...